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  1. Couple things. 1. Who the heck captured this video and rendered it cause it looks slightly over saturated and over sharpened smh. 2. Funny how the main dude looks like Ichigo lol. Kind of sounds like him too. 3. At least the person playing actually knew how to play, was nice seeing someone block for once.

  2. i still don't like the fact that there is no life/health bar for aragamis. sometime it really gets frustrating when my squad have to take on those annoying aragamis like Venus, Golden Vajra or Susano etc and i don't even know my progression

  3. Have never liked the ge series. I can't explain it, but it just feels… cheap? Like it obviously took after monster hunter, but the combat never clicked for me. It's oversimplified maybe? It's not as challenging? Could be the anime? Idk.

  4. jesus christ IGN why do you keep picking the ones with the worst gameplay/examples of the game to show to the world…you can move faster than this while fighting Anubis and the Ashborn…goddamn fires the Sniper Gun point blank in the air…

  5. this game already been here almost with the same time as monster hunter, but more anime, and actually this is one of monhun type of game who can compete with monhun itself

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