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  1. The epic games market place is good for gaming because it provides healthy competition, forcing steam to develop new ideas to bring in the players who chose another platform. This is good for gaming people and it should be supported

  2. Although I have no problem with simply downloading a different launcher, I have to wonder if this was a good move for Ubisoft.
    There are plenty of people for whom this is the final push to skip the game.

  3. More and more games skipping steam? Honestly steam needs to update their policy on taking such a large cut from games tbh, These AAA studios pulling away is going to impact steam more and more and force change, I know people want stuff to release on steam but Valve Stagnated the service big time, only significant good addition is the refund system tbh

  4. Seems everyone has a store now. Kinda over turning on my PC and having 100 different stores open up. Also, doesn't ubisoft have uplay? Can't I just buy a game anymore?

  5. Good on epic for bring more competion to the pc market. i dont mind picking up the game on a different client. after all, i am getting free games from epic everh 2 weeks

  6. Valve really need to start make hl3 left 4 dead , portal 3 …. first is actvision , now its ubisoft mark my word next will be squarenix and others 🙁

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