Crypto Market Tumbles Today – What’s Happening With Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin / Ethereum?

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  1. Whats the best alternative to coinbase ?
    Not a fan personally but really feeling the time to pounce is soon.
    I entered crypto in 2016, rode the wave. Exited around december. Getting ready to throw all this $$$ back at the king.

  2. The sad reality is this world 's run by corrupt entities that control everything, I got into cryptos because i believed they were free market orientated, they are not. The only time anything worth while will happen in the world is when the laws favor the honest, sadly, the laws favor the the evil few, bankers and market manipulators trading futures derivatives on corrupt exchanges. sad.

  3. $3460’s the stoploss floor of this swing, I recon, and $5300 the hard ceiling, with a probable $4700 safe sell.
    Anything else is just “building momentum”. ??
    Don’t get me wrong; 10% is a great move, especially if you can grab 2 of them within a 60 odd % move….. but notice I said “if”…

  4. Well at least my cannabis stocks are going back up ??? I am balancing between Cryptos and Cannabis ? I'm either gonna crash and burn. Or be rich and smoking a bunch of weed ????

  5. Think silver manipulation and how long that's been going on. I tell you that until the banks are gone cryptos will never rise as the blockchain is the replacement.

  6. Omar, 2800 is the highest min 'possible' due to: current price + capitulation volume. Next step is the 1900 zone (world war numbers, my personal guess, and Krown also guesses that as a good number), then you have 1300, then 1175, then 800 ish. Those are the options. The only options. BTC has a decent chance of holding $2800, but it is NOT more than 50% likely. The real question that is super uncertain is 'when?' (Jan- May?) Then the next million dollar question is how long will the accumulation phase be before, supposedly, investor money comes in (which might be after we hold above $6k on a second attempt in 2020, my guess).

  7. Hey Crypt0- Have you considered the possibility that some big benevolent whales have been driving the prices down to shake out players like Bitmain and others? (It seems to be working!)

  8. I’m thinking 2 years at least sideways bore everyone to death, guys in it for get rich quick think Crypto not going anywhere and sell then the next run up in 2020/2021. At least we have plenty time to scale in ??

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