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  1. FIFA 12 with a different number in the title is basically what this is. I played the crap out of 12 and when I played this, I got the strange feeling I was still playing 12. That's cause this game is little to no different than FIFA 12.

  2. Favorite FIFA game of all time.I loved absolutely everything about it in manager career mode,the soundtrack,the graphics are charming,the gameplay is incredible with Zjac7's sliders and the menus are so charming to me,I haven't been able to enjoy any other FIFA game.Unfortunately,it doesn't want to work now and I don't know why,it used to work perfectly on the same PC configuration,it's infuriating.

  3. Besides fifa 18 ( that's really good overall in my opinion) and ( fifa 17 that I havent played a lot) from fifa 11 to fifa 16, the only good game (mecanics, soundtracks, fun) is fifa 13. The others have ball control problems and more…

  4. Hey guys it would be real cool if you could checkout my channel as I will start posting reviews for the Xbox 360 on YouTube and if you go checkout my google+ as I am constantly posting reviews on there, thanks for your time.

  5. For of the people crying that why do they call it football instead of soccer,its acctually called football and it is called that way all around the world but the USA because they have already a sport called football even though i don't know why they call it that way if it is mostly using hands but doing a field goal or punt.

  6. This game is amazing, everything looks sharp and clear, the gameplay is outstanding, only minus thing is this game always cut off the replay scene, i just want to slowdown and watch my highlight after i headed to the bar or something like that

  7. This game should be rated -9 catastrophe.Career mode is not working at all on pc. Keeps crashing every time I try to load the damn career.

  8. Holy shit people look up futbol online and you get this definition the most popular game in the world. the goal is to kick a ball into a goal and beat the opponet. (this game is known as soccer in the US)(and that is really how to spell it). If you look football up online you get this a form of team game played in North America with an oval ball on a field marked out as a gridiron. So my point is proven?

  9. Shut up IGN u have no clue wt u saying. 9.0 rating? It's so over rated. EA launched an incomplete game. It isn't well polished at all. Offline mode is full of lag and takes ages to start a game. I would rate 5.0

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