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  1. That's really weird oh, I remember I bought 25 bucks worth of v bucks right? I was charged twice so I ended up pulling $50 out of my account, then I just contacted epic games let them know what happened, then they said that all I have to do is tell my bank and Microsoft and I get the money back into my account oh, the only thing that was weird is that they didn't take back the v bucks I ended up with $50 worth of v bucks I told them aren't you going to pull that on there like whatever nah it's fine. so I know I still thought they would have have a better score since they give you your money back and you get to keep the v bucks.

  2. That's not good the BBB is there for the customers no matter where they are coming from. If you continue down this path I won't support any of the game that's lower then Bethesda man.

  3. Well their marketing head is constantly demonstrating his depression on Twitter. Being the most successful game in the world is very pressure inducing.

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