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  1. I'd give it an 8/10 it's pretty good but not much to do after the main story. Injustice 2 seems like it has more content to keep you coming back for more, especially with the new gear system. The moves are easy to follow and pull off

  2. I think they should have made this game M-rated too. because brutallites are present in comics too. here's how they could do it. not by making the gameplay gory, but the cutscenes. gameplay was excellent which truely captures dc environments. though in some places gameplay should have been brutal for example, when human characters fight insane powerful characters. but that can be ignored just like how superman's true power is ignored in the gameplay. but they could have made the cutscenes gory. they were several occassions for doing that for example- superman's brutal killing of the joker, superman killing green arrow, etc. that would be perfect to make it M-rated.

  3. Umm so let's see a fighting game set in a fantastical comic book world featuring mostly superhuman characters has overly chaotic destruction??? What even does that mean????? I can't believe a person was hired to write this review.

  4. the simple solution to get these marvel games better is to make them less comic-like and more cinematic .. then all you need is a good storyline with amazing cut scenes that make your heart beat faster

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