LG ROLLABLE Signature OLED TV | World’s LIGHTEST Laptop | Smartphones & MORE! (CES 2019)

LG Rollable TV | World’s LIGHTEST Laptop & MORE! (CES 2019) LG Rollable / roll-up TV, the new 2019 LGGram laptop, Xboom Go Speakers, Soundbar, …


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  1. for things like artificial environments sure, but for say, watching TV, movies, etc I could never understand why someone wants a curved monitor other than the "it's different so it's cool" factor. Maybe if they made a spherical display you sit in the middle of and then it truly immerses you, ok

  2. I love the bad dancing! More please. Looks like it's been an amazing show. Personally, I'm well impressed with the rolling TVs and would get one asap if they weren't likely to cost a small fortune when they come out – which I guess they will! Something to dream about for the future when prices start to drop. Thanks for another first rate vid.

  3. You Brits are just too easily impressed. Just go 100 miles further west to Hollywood and you can where everything originates. Korean electronics are number one. The American manufacturers are all gone now. At least we can legally stream over here. Have a good time.

  4. Favourite thing is how it flags my spelling of the word "Favourite" lol , but anyway , the Projectors are going to be the way Forward me thinks, Projecting onto a black background. Looks fantastic.

  5. Hey, keep the dream alive. Without a dream who are we, and why are we here? Correct?? It's like the quote from Samuel Clemens. "The two most important days in our lives are the day we are born and the day we find out why.

  6. That sound bar you said that moves, it doesnt. It was shown like that as it can either be wall mounted or placed on a shelf, and you still get Dolby Atmos from it in either position.
    Thanks for the vid ??

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