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  1. Take your pc crap and shove it,console is console and there is no need for a keyboard and mouse.its only easy on pc as there is no recoil on the guns in 99% of shooters hence the aim never has to move (boring) and easy.

  2. Mouse is fantasies for aiming but anyone that says they prefer movment controls with the WASD keys vs the joystick is a liar.

    Give me a joystick mouse hybrid

  3. Why tho? It’s looked down upon(if not labeled cheating) to use M/K in most games since it’ll give the user a clear advantage over other users.

    Secondly, you’d be better off just getting a PC at this point. The Xbox already has little, if not zero, reason to own one. Why make a keyboard compatible with it?

  4. "The right way. The way its supposed to be played." Im sorry what? There's no right way >.< I play just fine with my controller. The guy on the right sounds like a right cunt. You basically just said "oh yeah we know this is gonna throw the balance of FPS's out the window and into a forest fire but y'all need to learn eventually so suck it up and drop those disgusting controllers you have". I happen to like mine very much thank you.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks that Max has a very punchable face? ? He is a great person and all but there's just something about his face ?

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