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  1. I've been following this since the beginning as I enjoy Sana Takeda's art. A shame that it's being published at a positively glacial pace. One of these days, I'll have to re-read it from the beginning as I often find myself forgetting plot points when a new issue finally comes out.

  2. The art alone is enough to check out honestly. Also, like many stories, there will be similarities with other works, it’s about the execution in the end.

  3. When will people realize that stories that show their political/social message on their sleeve will push the majority of people away and will never be remembered. I’m not here to shoot down the social messages themselves, but is usually left leaning ones that do this. If you want people to think like you, don’t throw it in their face. They will throw it back at you.

  4. The next great fantasy. Book is being made into a film right now it’s on the New York Times Best seller list

    It’s called CHILDREN of BLOOD and BONE ??????????? best book ? series.

    It’s a fantasy super hero political series ??✋???????
    Think Black Panther mixed with Game of Thrones and Return of the King ?? ….you’re welcome IGN the author was on Jimmy Kimmel discussing the success of this amazing series

  5. It is what it is. If you enjoy the comic book, great. But comparing it to Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings seems a bit premature. It sounds like it is "R" rated for mature audiences.That puts it in the GOT category, more than LOTR & HP. If it makes it to a video version, Netflix, Hulu or HBO seems like a likely destination.

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