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  1. Old by now but definitely yes; I have used Xiaomi and I am still impressed with it, and it still works and it has never rebooted, nor have I had the need to really. I tried it three times as I thought it couldn't hurt, but it is rock solid and works great.
    It was a Redmi 3 Pro so I'm itching to get a higher specced one now, but it still works and as I always use a cover or a jacket it is like new.
    My best friend have used Chinese phones too for the past three years and he has been switching between Elephone and other brands, now he is waiting for a brand new Xiaomi Mi 8.

  2. I came here to find cheap alternatives to iphone x and samsung s9, but the no 1 in this top its 1400. why wouldn't i buy a high end phone from samsung or apple? Also even iphone or galaxy phones are too expensive for a phone and reflects only brands name. Conclusion, i won't pay 1000 bucks for an iphone or samsung , their prices are huge just because they are big brands, you pay the brand not the phone itself. Also if i dont wanna spend 1000 bucks on a well known brand why would i pay 1000 bucks for a new chinese brand? If there is a phone equal and i mean it , to iphone and samsung high end models at half price then i'm in. Till then i will stick with 100 bucks phones. I only need to listen to music, surf the web, youtube and talk to phone. People now days are megalomaniacs, they buy an expensive phone just to show off, they will never use all the fucking features from that phone. 6gb ram on a phone is an overkill. If you wanna play a game, you build a gaming pc, If you wanna watch a movie then a laptop, a mid end tablet or phone is just fine. If u wanna make calls, well even a nokia 3310 is just fine. So think about it before you buy a 1000Bucks phone just cause it has alot of features and bigger ram or rom memory, cause you buy it and realise you don't use it at full potential, you won't use all features, whole ram or rom like on a pc.Also , phone's ram memory isnt used like pc's ram memory. If u have a 2gb ram phone , it will be enough for games , for videos, for internet surfing and a 6gb ram would be overkill because there isnt any app game or anything else that uses 6gb ram . For a pc the more ram the better cause on a pc you play a game while streaming, and while having 1-2 browsers opened with 10 tabs each, editing video programs and maybe running a movie on third display for your family at same time which u dont do with a smartphone…

  3. I wish you wouldve listed the prices for all the different phones in the video, or maybe just had the info in the description…
    good vid though, exactly what i was looking for

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