Top 5 Best GOPRO Gimbal Stabilizer For Create Smooth, Cinematic GoPro Videos

Gopro Gimbal can be used to designed to keep a Gopro Hero or similar action cameras level, a Gimbal is a camera stabilizer and anti vibration device. Here you …


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  1. We've been uploading some natural sound and sight walkthrough's in the uk, so you can view our gopro and gimbal results. Hope it's helpful? Thanks for your video, we've subscribed.

  2. Ok so which one should I get? Cause I'm tired of carrying that gopro in my hand, thinking I'm getting the best shots ever! and when I check the files, garbage. I took my kids to Disney a month ago and I went to check the files……it was a disaster. And I blame it all on not having a Gimbal Stabilizer…… I have a HERO4 Sessions, what can you guys recommend?

  3. Such loud Music to the voice over. whata heck. But can anyone please help me. I want a Gimbal that fit for both Gopro Hero 5 Session and the new Gopro 6. I want the gopro to have a great balance and stabilization but also a great movement following for up and down. I want it to be a mode not that I have to press a button and hold it in and remember to release back on the right angle. Which Gimbal is the best for me? Please help

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