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  1. Matrix ai network (man) wil solve any todays problem with their blokchain they are fast scaleable with real world usecase and also the chinese government supporting them, and matrix is the only projects that got contracts with china its just a matter of time now before they adopt matrix and the big thing is main net is already out in 1 month this projects gives you easely 100x over the longterm

  2. Steve, great videos, very enjoyable and informative. I’ve been on the fence about you, and I haven’t seen enough videos to judge how right or wrong you’ve been and to be honest sometimes it seems like you are intentionally deceiving in your points in the way you make an argument about how it can go one way and then completely the opposite (after several unrelated interruptions), but either way I like your overall theory and I agree with most of your points. However most of the things you say with such confidence are things that have already happened not necessarily things that will happen: I buy the idea that history usually repeats itself but it’s hard to really predict something that we don’t fully understand as humans yet (such as the benefits and opportunities of blockchain technology).

  3. Things did not go the way you thought they would in this video. Despite the ascending triangles, we broke to the downside. Nobody seems to have seen that coming. I hope you make a video to address this Steve. Are you surprised?

  4. Hello Steve, you haven’t talked about the volume today as you usually do. I have a question about the students who get fast results, is it possible to know approximately how much do they start with?

  5. Steve, you keep saying that you are successful in cryptomarket, how do we know you are?  
    If you can share with us (e.g. your portfolio, or successful moves etc..).

  6. Thanks for the video! No problem that the outcome for now wasn’t that sunny (I lost a decent amount of $). No TA analyst is always perfect, your courses come pretty close to it. At the end we must make up our own conclusions and keep learning from mistakes.

  7. Folks. You can't use old technology, charting for a digital product like Crypto. There are no Assets or Liabilities, no P&Ls, no dividends, no PE, etc. You need new technology with multi-dimensional algorithms to help predict peoples’ sediment because that's what drives rallies. Charts can't predict when someone shorts Bitcoin on the CME and expands the number of issued coins in the process. Futures can triple, quadruple etc the number of coins on issue by issuing paper products in its place. Crypto is not an investment it's a Ponzi scheme as Dr Doom would say with the ability to get rich quick. I play it for fun, to test my algorithm, to feel the excitement of arbitrage, to ride the wave. You MUST only be in the market when you're actively viewing it otherwise sit on the sidelines – Don't lose your shirt or bra be smart. Find yourself an exchange with few players so the prices can be manipulated with low exchange fees, 0.1% is the best I've found for $ trades and 0.22% for BTC pairs trading. The WHALES only make 2% on each trade because their fees are low. Trade like a whale, position yourself inside their buys and sell positions to make easy money.

  8. Just a reminder Litecoin went up over 5X in the run up to the last Litecoin mining reward halving in 2015! Next Litecoin halving is Summer 2019! Bitcoin follows 2020!

  9. Hi Steve are we entering capitulation or just pull back to touch our 4700 ish as expected? We were waiting for the great rally 1st and then continues with capitulation.loola like capitulation has started early? Please suggest

  10. Probably the last big down wave to build momentum before the last big wave up for 2019. If you sell here, you may end up using your emotions and chasing it up higher 😉

  11. we at 3623 now as im texting this …. and really working on not getting emotional……watched your video now 5 times Thank you for your calm realness, big picture small picture, insight , overview advice….does help to sail docking and sailing when trend is on..

  12. You are much more straight forward than the supposed legendary………….BLOCKCHAINWHISPERS. Been with them through the chaos called 2018 and did poorly to say the least. Your videos are spot on and the swing trade I was looking for to help my trading in crypto.

  13. Ascending triangle took the 30% chance and went to the downside it seems like. I love your videos but "we should see a move to the upside" didnt happen today. I dont mind a crash but it did today.

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