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  1. This was stupid… you showed us 3 cases and a battery charger. And nothing special about any of them. Sorry but the idea of "best accessories" was very misleading.

  2. or you could put your galaxy nexus in a plastic bag, wrap a blanket or two around it, put that sucker in some concrete and buy 4 more skins… I don't think it would add too much weight nor would it look stupid!!!!

  3. I have the nexus and the case I have and my favorite one is the otterbox commuter… it's a 2 part case but does not add a lot of bulk to the phone

  4. Actually the Galaxy Nexus featured in this video does have a removable battery. Get your facts strait. The Nexus 4 is the phone that doesn't have a removable battery.

  5. The Galaxy Nexus actually DOES have a removable battery…You are referring to the Nexus 4. And why bash your fellow Android users? Does that make you feel cool?

  6. I would like to know if you have any knowledge about side flip covers available for nexus gt i9250 like they have for Samsung galaxy III flip covers. Do reply if you got any source.@marques

  7. Why would you buy that battery thing for 100 bucks if you can just buy an extra battery? they're only like 15 bucks…
    OH WAIT right nexus doesn't have a replaceable battery like the S3 ;D

  8. (second comment, check my first reply) btw if quad cores didn't make a difference why would they make them? and its obvious S3 is the sleeker looking phone, why don't you have one if price isn't a problem for you? anyone who had a choice between the two would go straight for the S3, I've been asking what people think and some say F to the "Google experience", so its kind of confusing and also btw I'm still deciding between upgrading to S3 or the new Nexus 4, so I could use some advice

  9. 4.3 is what I've heard from a review, and quad core does give advantage and no the browsing isn't the same, I'm not trying to justify, I'm just trying to stay up to date here, Technology trends are moving quickly, you don't update, and in a year or two its out with the old and in with the new. have you seen any of the features that the S3 offers? why don't you go ahead and name a few if you can, and I'm not talking about the big screen. its a fact the s3 offers more

  10. Wow, you really have mental problems. The onscreen buttons only take 80 pixels which isn't nowhere near 0.35 inches of screen space. There are no features that S3 has over Gnex, unless you consider software crap like keeping the screen awake while you look at it. Also the quad core in S3 serves of no real purpose: Pop up play is useless, web browsing is the same, and so is multitasking. Sorry, but i've tested both phones side by side and S3 apart from the price has nothing substantial over Gnex.

  11. 4.3 Inches? wow, you really are mentally challenged. The onscreen buttons only take 80 vertical pixels which isn't 0.3 inches in diagonal. Quad core gives absolutely no advantage to S3 in any application compared to a 4.2 GNex: Browsing is the same, multitasking is the same. Sorry but i've already tested both phones one next to another. Keep justifying your purchase to yourself, but the S3 in real conditions offers nothing over a GNex.

  12. haha I never said it was a luxury Item, and sorry the screen isn't the same, the on screen buttons take up space giving you only 4.3 of screen space, plus the S3 has a number of nice, new features that the Gnex doesn't have, I have a Gnex myself and I'm considering upgrading to an S3, if you get it unlocked its at least 700$ on best buy, and the quad core on the S3 does have a its purpose in helping with like with pop up play, faster web browsing and multi tasking

  13. You really show ignorant people are when it comes to phones. GNex has the very same screen, a far better design and it's perfectly smooth even without a shitty quad core as it uses a stock Jelly Bean compared to that horrible TouchWiz. You really need to get your head out of the gutter, GS3 is widely available on cheap contract and it's nowhere near a luxury item.

  14. I do admit the S3 is a bit odd looking around the back, but that screen is absolutely stunning, it really shows off any of the LWP that you have really nicely. and quad cores make everything faster. so that's nice, or were you meaning to say you can't afford it so you don't like it?

  15. For what purpose? S3 is way too ugly in general, and even in compare with the curved Nexus. Only dipshits care for quad cores…

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