Bitcoin Crashes the Alt Party – Technical Analysis Update for BTC ETH TRX XRP NEO

Stairs up, elevator down! Crypto market sees big losses and Bitcoin breaks lower and drives big reversals in the Altcoin market.

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  1. Leave it to btc to shit all over everything…..node, when the hell are alts going to break free from btc death grip? Futures killed btc we need to leave it behind!

  2. Tron fucked it up for everyone. whales selling at the top and selling their bitcoin to take profit. Tron had over 100 million $$$ volume where I was trading. We are starting to bounce now.

  3. Just in time for payday. I buy 1000 usd worth of bitcoin every payday and I like this price. Wasn't too enthused about it when we were over 4k but I got lucky. 3600 seems like a good deal to me. I'm an old Prepper/survivalist/ silver stacker/CPL, Always armed, gun guy, so I just treat Bitcoin like another kind of silver. When payday rolls around I buy some bitcoin drop it into cold storage and go on with my life. I've been doing this for years and I can continue this for years to come. I have just about zero desire to buy alts like Eth or Bitconnect, I've never bought an ICO, and the only time I've sold was when I cashed in enough to payoff my house back in 2017. Technically for about 4 days I had enough to retire back at the ATH but I failed to pull the trigger on it back then so I'm continuing to work my mechanic job, (income 4600, spending 1400, surplus 3000) And accumulate 1000 worth of bitcoin twice a month. Eventually the bear market will end, the higher valuations will return and I'll wave goodbye to my fellow mechanics and retire years ahead of schedule. And since the house is paid off and I didn't trade or sell any crypto last year my taxes will be easy. I'll fill out the EZ form and mail it in. It should take about 10 minutes.

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