BITCOIN TO $1000? Tyler “Hyperwave” Jenks Interview

In this interview we are speaking to an experienced trader Tyler Jenks from Lucid Investment. He is convinced that Bitcoin is a hyperwave and that we are going lower. In this video he will explain his model, why he thinks it applies to Bitcoin and what we can expect from the Bitcoin price.

This interview will be packed with knowledge and I’m looking forward to learning from Tyler.

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Unfortunately, Resistance excluded the US from the contest 🙁 it sucks, sorry guys ❤️

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  1. wait now Tyler is claiming he sold all the GBTC in december when initially buying in just 4 months earlier? give me a fucking break

  2. So, basically, because hyperwaves only happen when there's an impending macro-economics shift coming, if the debt crisis comes and goes without having bitcoin at the center stage, it's bye bye next crypto bull run.

  3. The guy who "called" every top and bottom since 1978 and isnt super wealthy. LOL. Just nailing 2 of those calls with limited capital would get you super super wealthy. These "hyperwaves" are simply the largest moves of the past century. LOL Nail a few and get stinky rich. What list is this guy on ? How about his largest early investor ? Should be on the top 10 rich list lol

  4. I am no specialist, but Tyler, why did you start your phase 2 trend line in march 2017?! One could argue it is better to start phase 2 trend line when bull market began in september 2015 and when BTC broke through 250$ resistance at the time. If you draw the trend line from there on the weekly auto/log, you will be able to see 3200 could very well be the BTC bottom. Just saying: I'm not sure why we ought to accept your trend line indication without better arguments for what your touchpoints were and what support or resistance levels you use as base. Makes it feel random….Hyperwave sounds very plausible, I do think your graph is a failed attempt though…

  5. Mining PRIZM does not need a huge amount of electricity, it suffices a regular laptop, go to WOLRD PRIZM and explore the enormous possibilities of this coin. This is the future cryptocurrency!

  6. BSV is the only coin following the Satoshi White Paper, peer to peer, instant, low fee and scaling. BTC was taken over by the Federal Reserve, AXA insurance bank of France, that is why they have kept I slow, expensive, introduced the off chain changes like Segwit and lightning. BCH stole the name BitCoin Cash by conspiring with exchanges, broke the white paper protocol for deciding which chain is real, to win the hash war they rented hash power which goes against the white paper protocol, then they changed the code with ctor.
    Almost all these YouTubers are just following the crowd and not warning the people what really I going on. We need sound money, peer to peer instant cash not expensive slow third party off chain banker controlled BTC. BTC is only a name it is no longer following the white paper if Satoshi.

  7. I've watched a few of this guy's videos and googled him as much as I could. Can anyone prove that this guy is who he says he is? His early videos offer NO hint about the present state. It seems to me like this guy is pulling this s#!÷ out of his a$$ as he goes. Put up or shut up. Offer some evidence that you are who you say you are or stop FUDing

  8. I've been thinking about this guy's argument very carefully. Who knows? Maybe we will see another drop. But here's the thing: Bitcoin is different from every other example he cites. We didn't NEED the tulips. We merely wanted them. We didn't NEED those other companies to exist, because they weren't unique in their spaces. We NEEED BTC! Everything else is built on sand, or is not accessible or liquid enough to replace the dollar. Maybe he's right about $1000 Bitcoin. All I can say is that I'm still buying at that price.

  9. If Tyler thinks Bitcoin might be worth 100 million one day, it would be actually a stupid thing to wait to catch the bottom (assuming it is $1000). It won't make a huge difference if you buy it at 4k or 3k and hold it for awhile to see the ROI in the long run. No body can guarantee that Bitcoin can reach $1000..

  10. This is a realy interessting Video. In my oppinion those analytics
    in combination with others, like google-analytics may help to „predict“
    movement better…

    I am sceptic about coinanalytics, but didn't know Tyler…will give it a try and dig a bit more deeper in his theory.

  11. Tyler must have much respect for you Ivan to be on your show. One of my favorite charting Interviews ever. Tyler is truly one of the greats at charting and much respect to and for him. Great Work. Thanks

  12. I think Tyler is mostly right there's just one thing different about Bitcoin than some of the other examples . A lot of people are still interested in Bitcoin. A lot of people are just looking for capitulation and a good price to get in. That is completely different than other bubbles where people just want nothing to do with them. While I don't think we have hit the low , I don't think it's going to be $1,000 either. I guess time will tell

  13. Thanks Ivan and Tyler! 10/10 intervew !! I've learned alot with both of you in 2018! Best wishes for 2019 ? . Thanks for the excellent content you bring everytime !!!

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