Concept Smartphones that are better than Real Smartphones

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These Concept Smartphones are better than most 2018 upcoming flagship smartphones to be released! Check out Skillshare here: …


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  1. i don't know if u will read this or not..but if you do..I know u have been working hard, Really Hard..I see that you have made many changes for removed the Intro thing from ur videos and started jumping straight to the content..which is great. I just want to tell you that we know you are putting all your efforts in these videos and trust me you will get everything that you deserve..Keep on making these videos and we will keep on loving u. Thank You.

  2. Iphone 2020 with same iphone six design…thank you very much for not hiring me apple you suck and i can't tell this to people while getting paid from you

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  4. Okay, would you STOP already with the constant camera cuts already?! You know those many many instances where it gets a bit closer to you and a bit further back? It’s really freaking distracting and just makes videos like this look like either the editor or the camera itself has ADD or something whenever you emphasize certain things. Just stick with one shot and just that one simple angle.

  5. Why does this guy beg for viewers? Likes and subscriptions? No one should be forced. Its annoying and makes you look very desperate for subscribers. Unsubscribed.

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