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  1. Truly hate the fact we won’t get an alien isolation sequel, I loved it – dum asses wouldn’t know a good idea if it sneaked in a grabbed them into an air vent ?? thanks for the info mate

  2. I just finished Alien Isolation last night. It is the best game I have played because the developers took the source material, honoured it, developed a game that brings a player into the Alien Universe and created a world that does homage and justice to the established universe (10/10). The developers of Alien Isolation nailed it all and to see a game that has this being dismissed and disrespected with a mobile game cash grab is a sign of the times and how out of touch these developers and rights holders are with the fans who put them where they are. Of course the fan base of Alien and Alien Isolation wants more and rightfully so!! Fox needs to at least look at what worked and continue with that rather than screw all of that up and start again somewhere else, that, in doing so has upset the fans who have been patiently waiting for the sequel or prequel to Alien Isolation which is of the same "class" and "style" of Alien Isolation at a bare minimum. Alien Isolation is so good then why not make a movie of it and put it on the big screen and start to bring the Alien Franchise back to where it should be rather than white alien men playing with sticky-icky goo!!

  3. Oh how long I have waited for the mobile FNAW (Five Nights at Weyland's) based upon David: Covenant to follow up the masterpiece of Alien: Isolation (or IGN's "Alien: Division")… -.-

  4. I don't object to gaming on a mobile device, but that is qualitatively different than, "mobile gaming", a phrase with many connotations none of which I can think of that are positive. I wonder which of their beloved Alien fans said, " Please, sir, put on Android."

  5. Have you guys noticed that every hack is praising mobile games, I am not sure if its because of corporate (the big brains think mobile gaming is the big thing because of easy microtransctions)
     or because they want mobile gaming to be taken seriously, because unless you dont you are sexist (women are about 46% of the market), because playing Clash Royale while taking a shit isnt enough… We should be buying 1000 dollar phones that can run shitty graphics for 1h before battery runs out.

  6. Thanks, Mr H (as always)

    I'm not much of a gamer but IGN gave favorable reviews for Margret Stohl's "The Life Of Captain Marvel" which just ended last month on issue #5 and sold about 4,000 issues. I do love the comment section of the interview that they did with the author, though:

  7. All art is Subjective Mr H.

    IGN are a massive media outlet your a dude on YouTube, who’s more credible?

    This rant is very juvenile on your part, be more professional next time.

  8. If I like a franchise, either movie or game or otherwise, why would I want to look at a tiny screen that make my eyes pop with severely limited graphical and interaction options available thereby failing the capitalize on the importance of the highlights of the previous installments?

    Also the whole Prometheus (edit:) MOVIE series sucks so far! (The comics based on it are cool!)

  9. I was so excited for another Alien game as I played Isolation with my wife and we had a blast. Now a mobile game? I’d rather be experimented on by Weyland Yutani and find out my wife is actually a synthetic than play this FNaF ripoff.

  10. Am I the only one who noticed how the animations of the other human characters in the trailer seem, well… mechanical? The first shot we see of the humans moving, I thought they were Working Joes.

  11. Ahh well. If people are stupid enough to pay for this and listen to IGN, screw em! Fox is on its way out the door. Roll on the disney animated remake of Alien where Ripley becomes a Disney princess

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