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  1. its hard to believe how big video games have got and how this Esports is growing, I remember playing Tribes back in the day on PC and I thought that was big lol

  2. what u mean that pc players just want to see that 60 fps number? WTF? U mean that u dont see a difference between 30 and 60 fps? are u brain damaged or just another stinky console fanboy? Enjoy shitty framerate, blurry graphics and long loadings on your garbage consoles. i own only 1 game on that steaming pile of shit called ps4 because its an fucking exclusive. And it runs like shit. After 4 hours of playing i kind of getting used to that shitty framerate. That sux i want it on pc with 60 fps!

  3. I enjoyed the Oscars' talk, but with regards to cinematography, I have to disagree with Chris. Cinematography is not just about making things look great, it's how they do it. Roger Deakins, who did Sicario, deserves an Oscar long before now (13 nominations & no win), but Emmanuel Lubezki shot The Revenant solely in natural light. The mechanics of this alone is almost unprecedented.

    I do agree with the disappointment that Inside Out was excluded from Best Picture.

    Sorry to sound so pretentious!

  4. oh my god aaron, i dont think you can get more stupid.
    you think the revenant should have had a native american lead character?!?!?

  5. Don't say African American to try to sound PC, many black people have no relation to be African or American. what about black british? or black carribean?

  6. I completely disagree with The Division's cover system. Having played around 6 hours in the alpha I know that the cover system works great. It's basically the exact cover system from Splinter Cell Conviction and Blacklist, so if you've played those you know how The Division works.

    You see where you want to go and hold A to run there in cover. If he's playing it like in the B-roll then you are going to die alot. There's a reason why it's called coverbased shooter.

    The shooting on the other hand I agree with can feel weird. The explanation I've seen why the enemies are bulletspunges is that it is an RPG. If you could one shot kill AI opponents, the game would become really easy. In a squad of 4 you could down 4 enemies at once. In the long run that's not very fun.
    I would argue in The Division's favor that an arrow to the head in Skyrim doesn't always kill a human enemy. So why is it weird that Division does the same thing?

  7. When considering the map size of The Division, everyone has to remember that there are no vehicles in the game. Everywhere you go, you're on foot. A 1:1 scale of Manhattan will be incredible to explore, not to mention underground and buildings to explore. Personally, I'm really excited for this game. Remember that graphics isn't everything in a video game.

  8. With ESPN getting into the whole eSports thing, I wonder how long it will be until sites like FanDuel start popping up for them. Like, having a fantasy LoL or HotS team.

  9. Time stamps would be great….say so I could've skip right past that idiot claiming Esports aren't the biggest joke in the world…which they are. Poorly edited episode sorry to say.

    All the footage Ubi$$$oft blasted the internet with last week today completely killed my interest in The Division…aka Destiny in post apocalyptic NYC. Hard pass. Cool concept and setting wasted…

    The Oscars haven't been relevant for years…who cares about them now. The most deserving film/performance rarely wins or is even nominated. It's just a SJW Hollywood ego circle jerk now…

  10. Aaron Sampson: "If you're Cat was as big as a Lion it would eat you but if a Dog was a big as a Lion it would still love you." – 22:45
    Errrrr…. nope. check out "Man reunited with lion he raised when it was a cub" on Youtube.

  11. Please tell me this is just temporary until you get settled in the new building.
    I miss the old format. I hope you bring back the couch and coffee table setup at some point.
    It used to be like a very colorful and fun talk show. It was exciting and interesting.
    Now, it looks like 3 people stuck in a dark panic room talking into mics. Grey, boring and kinda depressing.
    After a while my mind starts to wander off and you all sound like Charlie Brown's teacher to me.
    Interesting how the environment can make such a difference.

  12. Up until now I hadn't really noticed a level of watered down graphics. However after watching this, it can be clearly seen that there is a huge downgrade. People make huge comparisons to the original trailer, which was a veritable slice of the game, it was never going to look like that. However, what we are seeing now, this is just unacceptable, pushing the point of false advertisement. Disappointed with Ubisoft

  13. Very excited abt the division, hanging out w mates and taking back lumps of NYC sounds real cool.

    Ubisoft is emphasizing the game as RPG, is more to manage ppl expectation – esp. those seasoned shooter game veterans – abt the balance of the game have been setup such that enemy takes up lots of bullet before crumble, which has been the main talking pt so far.

    I guess the opposite mechanic decision wld have been, giving you large swamps enemy, whom you can one-shot-kill easily, wave after wave. So everyone racked up hundreds of kills per gameplay. I think this is sth ubisoft deliberately trying to avoid. Or can add back later in some zombie mode (the game story is abt an outbreak after all).

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