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  1. Apple sucks and so does airpods they fall out of your ears easy they break extremely easy and the sound qualities junk you can't use them while you're exercising you can't even use them sitting on your couch because if you bend over to take a drink of your drink they will fall out

  2. Version two are having wireless charging if you check the website it has a picture of the AirPods on a wireless charger and says wireless charging case not available YET

  3. Never buy AirPods guys cuz imagine you’re on a windy day, and you’re just walking outside listening to music on your AirPods
    Then wind just hits
    And they go bye bye
    You just lost $200 smh

  4. I got my AirPods at a old dirty flea market ran by a sweet old couple and i found them in a box with a 3$ label, i was so happy, i didn't really know all about them but I knew what they were so i took a chance for three dollars, so now i have had them for 2 years and i have an Android ?

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