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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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  1. Took profit on somg TRX i was just holding but ive been taking profits more now so i dont lose that money, Im new to all this and i want to trade the profit i made how do you know when its a good time to buy low and swing a trade when is the right way or ways to go into a trade i am trading i binance

  2. Dude it's people taking profits off of Tron. Tron went up 100% in the last couple of week. Real money is made with altcoins not BTC. Everything is PAIRED with BTC and BTC is paired with Cash. Once people make more BTC off of Altcoin they sell BTC for big Cash profit.

  3. new to your channel and really liking it,

     I'm wondering if you could do a video on livestock as an investment and run some basic numbers as I think your views might be interested in it to diversify there holdings to buy land and livestock! cattle grow 50% per year but pigs are better. they have two litters a year average 8-12 piglets and with
    proper rotational grazing/forage and perennial crops they have very low to no
    overhead. that 12 times your investment per year get two sows and a
    bore you get 24 times your base (3 sows 36times etc)in a year . Precious
    metals will never do that, you cant eat gold and silver or even crypto and if there are
    too many just slaughter for food and barter. food will always go up
    in price, so your investment always appreciates, never depreciates.

  4. Some kids are in love with their favorite football player
    Some kids are in love with their favorite artist
    Im in love with this dude, cuzz god i need your video's!

  5. Another day closer to ‘Next round’ of BTC and LTC mining reward halvings starting Summer 2019! French Yellow Vests ‘Proof of Stash’ event is due this Saturday when depositors are urged to withdraw money from the fractional reserve banking system!

  6. Just in time for Payday. I buy 1000 usd worth of bitcoin every payday (twice a month).
    I think these whale bots don't really reflect the actual market sentiment. We just trade sideways until the whale bots slam the market up or down. The actual market where real people buy and sell is actually rather small these days. In the past the whales could crash the market and cause the market to sell the bottom, then they could pump the market and make people feel enthusiastic so they bought the top. The bots could profit from that back then but these days the dumb money is gone. So now it's just the whale bots and the exchange wash trading all trying to take money from each other. LOL. It's not my problem. So I just buy every payday and go on with my life. I fired off a deposit to my abra wallet last night and sometime today my deposit will hit my abra cash wallet. Then I'll flip it to bitcoin and drop it into the trezor, which I keep in the safe deposit box. Over the next couple years I expect to enjoy a handsome profit.

    I always find it amusing when the whale bots crash or pump the price and then it just trades sideways until the next whale bot comes in. Those who used to provide followthrough which the whale bots used to profit from are gone. So you get a lot of Bart simpson charts.

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