Bitcoin Maxamalists Rejoice

Shoutout to Andy!

Bitcoin Maxamalists Rejoice

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  1. Crypto daily!!!!! I watch your videos to see you, not Andy. Sorry Andy, I’m sure you’re a nice guy and all but yea…..
    Honestly CD, if it’s content you’re struggling on, just take your time. We don’t care if u only post 1 vid every week or 2, as long as it’s quality crypto daily style humor with a tad bit of news. Hell, the scarcity of your videos could actually bring more value to the table (see what I did there ?). 30 seconds of Andy could have worked but bring it back to u in the end! Ok that’s all. Again, sorry Andy, I’m sure you’re a nice dude ?

  2. bitcoiners laughing but the market is just to dumb to process this info quickly, but soon it will and people will realize the giant bullshit is the majority of the altcoin market. Also, a lot of governance problem with other types of proofs. eating popcorn.gif

  3. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  4. Crazy how none of the bigger youtubers mention the tracks Neo is making. I have high regard for your show, you know this…But you'll be "just as…but then funny" if you keep forgetting to mention what is actually…FUZZIN HOT!

  5. I have a feeling you'll look very unintelligent for all this Cardano mocking when they do great things with real social impact in developping countries in the not so distant future.

  6. In just about 12 months, btc has made a drop of over 80% from a peak of $19,800 to less than $4,000 and i wonder how silly those that kept talking of $100,000 and more look now. Seriously, how much more evidence do we need that cryptocurrencies are purely speculative bubbles that are best treated as such and milked at the moment? The only space for investing is in real companies doing actual business with real currency valuation. My forecast for the long term value of bitcoin is 0$, 0€, 0£, 0¥. Don’t get me wrong, i am not a crypto hater infact, i am above average financially but i still have a strategy which i implement with which i make a minimum of $30,000 monthly for a couple of months already. Even though i get assistance from Mr Wesley Will with trade strategies and signals, i still trade on my own so i don’t have to grant anyone access to my trade account (funds). What i do is seek his opinion on the markets as he is a very seasoned analyst and trader and then i use his signals which are very simple to use in placing trades and in the process, i learn alot from him. You can mail him (wesleywillclinic Gmail) if you need his assistance too. A word of caution, never mix emotion with coins if you want to succeed and you have to be brutal as well i.e sell, buy, and trade when you have to following the rules and always seek help if you are not already a master trader and are not making good and consistent profit on your own already.

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