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  1. Okay, let's consider 3 hypothetical situation:
    1) MKBHD has never heard of F1 and has no idea, whatsoever, who Nico is: Even if we dismiss Nico's background and just envision him as an enthusiastic fan walking upto him discussing technology, that was quite rude and presumptuous behaviour on MKBHD's part.
    2) MKBHD realises he must be some VIP or at least a popular figure with all the cameras and entourage behind him and also by the way he is dressed. Well, even more rude!
    3) Nico introduces himself and MKBHD, even though not a fan, realises he is a former F1 world championship. (which is most likely out of the 3) This is seriously rude, lack of respect and interest shown towards Nico and to the sport of F1. He definitely should review himself and his personality if he is watching this video.

  2. Marques is a pure example of how internet/youtube can "erase" your regular manners … Damn, if I see the man who won an F1 title while Lewis was chasing him from the back, and act like a retard… #awkward

  3. I had no idea who marquis dude was but it was funny how many people commented on the encounter. I love that Nico is investing his money in tech companies

  4. This video appeared in my feed because it has MKBHD in the title. Yeah he was disinterested, but if you watch his content he's never covered that kind of material so it comes with the territory. I liked this video though.

  5. I will admit, Marques probably could have been a little more energetic but I think everyone is being a little hard on him. It’s not a crime to not know who someone is, so in his eyes Nico was just another interviewer. Marques likely has had to deal with hundreds of these interviews at CES so he’s probably just sick of them which is understandable. He wasn’t being rude, he just seemed eager to get on with his day.

    Edit: F1 isn’t nearly as popular in America as it is in Europe, I’d say the majority of Americans don’t know who Nico is or at least what he looks like. If you watch the interview again Marques is still being polite, he just seems tired which I guess comes of as rude or disinterested (I don’t think anyone would be too interested with much after all the crazy things they’ve seen at CES)

  6. Person A doesn't know person B, but I know person B and person A should as well!!! It's an outrage that person A doesn't know every single person I know and love!!!!!

  7. Guys don’t blame mkbhd for not knowing who Nico is, not everyone are into f1. Also Nico can’t expect everyone to know him.

  8. Imagine Marques' face, seeing the comments on his new video and realizing he just lost the opportunity to experience at least one car Nico owns, in a collab or something

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