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  1. Why do people always want a Dead Space 4? The trilogy ended with Awakening folks. It was clear for me that despite all of Isaac's efforts at the end of Awakening, the Brethren Moons came for Earth and eventually devoured all of humanity. That's it! Game over! Endings don't ALWAYS have to end on a happy note!

    With that said, I am COMPLETELY HAPPY with how the Dead Space trilogy played out. Isaac went from being a simple engineer in DS1, to an all out Necromorph destroyer by the end of DS3. I loved every minute of it!

    Sometimes I get the feeling that people think that criticizing games is just the "thing to do", and if you're not criticizing something, then you're not "cool" or something lol.

  2. I liked this game, Dead Space has such a good story and universe, they could great other genre's of games in the franchise. An EarthGov military shooter, an RTS with the three factions, And like this game, an more action oriented flow to the survival horror. If it emulated the first 2 games people would have complained about uni-originality, that it's become stale. Though because this is the only release it failed to service the fans of the original. They should definitely keep that horror atmosphere though why not create spin offs with such an immense license. EA should sell it to another publisher who could really make an excellent follow up. BTW if you like The Thing then I highly recommend this game.

  3. I bought this game brand new. Only played the first 2 levels or so, and never touched it again… Loved Dead Space 2, and never played 1. But i did get it free for PC on origin jus now. Definitely gonna give it a go!

  4. It's funny how you see every npc going crazy from marker presence in DS1,Ds2.But when you play DS3,there's no npc really gone crazy by marker,we had a old man and a black woman which dont even got a bit affected by the marker.

  5. So, Issac doesn't have any signs of lingering mental health issues from the first two games? Wow, it's like all of the character growth he got in those first two games was just swiftly erased.

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