Is Bitcoin Closer to a Bottom?

Has Bitcoin dropped to a level where it is now closer to forming a bottom? We examine the facts.

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About the Author: Alessio Rastani


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  3. bitcoin doesn't have bottom now the actual bottom was 6200 it was only Roger and craig Wright causing such things and also mtgox dumps these events we cannot tie with the cycles that played earlier or match with previous events because now bitcoin is differnt then what it was.. Rmember when people shout bottom it reacts the opposite

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  5. Have you EVER been right? Check your video from 5th November. Your big "up move" turned into a 44% drop over the month of November. I sincerely hope NO-ONE pays any attention to anything you say. In fact, If you want to make money do the absolute opposite of what you say or "predict". Reported.

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  8. Glad you're back buddy. Good interpretation of current situation as always. I'll be fine if my 2.7k bottom predictions works out. Anyway regards your problem. Eat more rice and chicken.
    Looking forward to your next video. Take care

  9. AWESOME. I bought some Shatoshis when it was 3100..i didnt even have to do any TA when i bought in..i just said to myself BTC is 3100? Pshhh thats cheap

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  11. THE QUESTION is. How in earth would you know that Hodlers give up?! Surely pessimism might arise in big numbers. But that still is not an indication for anything. Except of you would want to buy yourself and hold for years. You could had done the same thing on 6k. already…

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