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  1. Game is great experience, punishing but forces you to adapt to its harsh world.

    Haven't been this intrigued at a game since Hollow Knight. Buy it.

  2. This game reviewed poorly all around and even though I love it? I don’t blame reviewers for a second. This game was always going to be kryptonite to them.

  3. Punishment of a loss is not a con unless it is unforgiving to your hours of progress.
    Yet this punishment is still forgiving.

    Without the punishment, there is no encouragement to prevent you from dying.

  4. Seriously though I agree with everything this dude says. There's no sense of progression, and the game punishes massively for slight movement fuckups and even things out of the player's control.

  5. Seriously this game kinda sux, you have like the most horrible tutorial and by the time you figure it out it gets repetitive and boring, they should have made the checkpoints easier to acquire and the controls get frustrating along with the slow speed of the slugcat, I don't even understand why they have a level up system when all it does is unlock an area , and it's so easy to level up you just eat and hibernate , it's pointless, be cooler if it had like a double jump and then you unlock a faster speed or some claws/poisen

  6. Then a couple hours in something clicked -chris cullen
    honestly this just explains the entire game, it's amazing, but when i started it i despised it because i was bad at it.

  7. if I, a 13 year old with absolutely no good gaming skills can beat this fantastic game, then, ladies and gentlemen, so can you. Rain World is actually really good once you get gud and learn how to play the damn thing. (Buy it and so your research and it'll be your new favorite game)

  8. Agreed. I tried out the game myself and I really wanted to play it but the controls were honestly too clumsy for me to enjoy the gameplay. Instead of playing as a cat, I sometimes felt like I was herding one.

  9. Oh, it's hard? Well that's survival sweetheart! In real survival, you may die from things that are beyond your control and you'll need to "grind" again and again for food.

    Your criteria of difficulty is too subjective. This game poses a real challenge for once! So don't give it such a low mark because it keeps you from whizzing through the levels. Deal with it!

  10. This game combines stealth, survival, and even shoot-em-ups
    *throws spear in horizontal trajectory*
    Truly the Metal Gear of pixelated survival.

  11. Frankly rainworld is awesome and fun. Not only that but just look on gamepidia if you are stuck or want to figure an enemy out. It's hard but just play hunter mode and then you can say that hunter mode isn't fun (it is fun but also outrageous) then come back and tell me that normal is to hard. Oh and they have an easy mode now

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