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  1. Already preordered. I can not wait for the release of the game, very impressive. I believe that BioWare will be able to prove to everyone that they are still a cool company, even despite EA.

  2. I appreciate the more realistic conversations these NPC's produce compared to many other games of similar genre. I can't quite put my finger on it, but they are delivering their lines in a way that is more understandable/comprehensible. Judging just on my own opinion from this video, it makes it easier to remember what they are talking about, instead of just forgetting the line completely 2 seconds after hearing it like a lot of games.

    That said, there is definitely some jankyness to the way the NPC's talk, but I kind of like it..reminds me of the old awesome games like KOTOR, etc where the game knew it was a game, wasn't trying to pretend anything different.

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