Bitcoin Price at $3600… What’s next?

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  1. I ironic thing about the Indian banks threatening to close account IF people are dealing with Bitcoins is that the fact no-one can close your bitcoin wallet (assuming you control it) therefor that threat is actually one of the very reasons to go to Bitcoin, in the long run.

  2. Ahahaha xD
    All these illuminati conglamorates bought BTC for 3,000$ over the counter..
    And now they are going livid that BTC doesnt go up from here on out xD

  3. Isn't the usual cycle an 80%-90% retrace (3300-3100) then once everyone thinks we hit bottom we drop another 40%-50% that makes the 1600-1800 area the bottom. Probably won't spend more than 10 minutes on the actual bottom then jump back up to 2.5k and slowly work up from there.

  4. India can't enforce that lol. With VPNs and Fiat to crypto exchanges taking credit cards or apps like Robinhood or Uphold allowing purchase of stocks along with cryptos means they can't prove anything. India just wants to keep their population poor while the government loads up on cryptos.

  5. That means it will not take a lot of money to pump btc to 21 trillion market cap thus putting btc at about 1 million per coin.

  6. Nervous about a paper wallet. Seems so surreal, that you can use walletgenerator (offline with offline printer), to create a public and private keys for say, litecoin, and that you can send something to it from an exchange or app, to that public key, and some how this thing you printed out, now magically contains the money (coins) from the exchange or app you send It just seems, how on earth can it be that simple, and like it's more cartoon like! Is it that simple?

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