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  1. Alrighty lets be real here folks less then 300 compliants right… Then look at the player base… Thats all i gotta say if anything Fortnite doing great!

  2. Most people may not know this but anyone who spent money on paragon, their attempt at a moba, basically got screwed. Epic promised a complete refund and a lot of people never got the entirety of their money. Customers were told to provide electronic receipts as proof for the amount of money people have spent, despite purchases being completely account's based. This was more annoying as a playstation user. What's worse even when provided with said information, it'd take weeks for customer service to get back to you. Some of it went past the time Epic was handing out refunds leaving a lot of the issues unresolved. Pretty sour experience for anyone involved especially considering how they treated the game and how its downfall was because a lack of listening to community feedback.

  3. I remember when I accidentally bought rocket rodeo emote and they told me to use the refund tickets even though I specifically said that I ran out of tickets. I’m still mad about that.

  4. That's what they get for going out on a holiday they would have cleared up those and complaints over the holidays but they decided to take a break they deserve it??

  5. Epic games New Years resolution could be trying to tick off as many customers as they can, and they'd still rack in butt loads of dough and gain a million more users.

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