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  1. Dear assfaces how the fuck could you give this fucking amazing game an 8.5?!?!!? This by far the best game ever created! I hope you all die in a pit filled with fire!

  2. The guy who made this apprently wanted children to feel they were communicating with a difficult elder in this case the monster being the replacement for an absent parent. This for me is the only game on Kinect that has a real point.

  3. @TTBurger88 Awww, is someone mad because he's too old to play this game? :3 Awwww~ or are you just mad because you hate children and hate their taste of games? You should be a shame >:o I find this a great score and extreamly fun for kids. Go show your kids how to kill in a crappy game called Call of Duty. This is where family can get together and have fun with themselves and laugh with their kids and children because I know I would!

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