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  1. Instead of folding it outwards, why not do it inwards and fold your smartphone so it becomes smaller and fits easier in your pocket. Like a flip-phone.

  2. I’m with both of y’all. It’s ambitious, it’s cool, it’s unique; but it is chunky and cumbersome.
    I do feel that this will be the start of a new push for foldable phones, it’s not THE solution, but it’s the catalyst for foldables.

  3. What if they make a smaller version which could be folded around the wrist like a wristband or a watch….Which could be then unfolded into a smartphone?

  4. They are trying to sell you more crap that you don’t really need and wasting earth’s resources that could be use in better phones. What’s the point of this brick? A larger and portable screen? Are the few extra pixels worth bringing that thing in your pocket?

  5. Personally I think a slab of glass with a projected screen that is seamless is the future, or at least what phone manufacturers are going for.

  6. I love that it is going to have a bigger screen. I started when the first big phone came from samsung and that was the Samsung Omnia. So i upgraded to the first Galaxy Note and now Im using the Galaxy Note 8. I love the bigger screen and also the pen that follows the Note series.?

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