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  1. Just imagine you have a VR Treadmill (from Virtuix Omni) + VR Full haptic suit (from Teslasuit) + VR Haptic gloves (from haptx) + VR Headset (from htc) + VR gun controller and play Halo (VR) in coop with your friend on it.. how crazy would it be?!?!

  2. I wonder if Infinadeck has thought about the players who actually use proning to their advantage…?

    Edit: I also wonder how devs will take uneven terrain into account… I get nauseous when I play games with lots of uneven terrain that you move on. The brain detects you aren't moving if you're in a stationary VR system. If you're going up hill or down hill, falling or etc. in this type of situation, your brain is unsure how to respond, inertia gets thrown outta whack and you start feeling sick because your body is wondering what the fuck's going on.

    My initial thought for both of these problems was to keep the harness, hooked up with a pulley type system at the top of a frame, keeping the padded rails too, for those players who get too immersed and say throw themselves down to avoid getting shot… (Don't want to break your jaw on the rails now do we…?), but at the far edges of the Infinadeck so to maximize player freedom of movement and maneuverability. If you're getting too close to the rails, you'll start feeling the harness pulling at you more strongly, but still allowing freedom of movement. With a flexible system like that, you can also get down on your belly and crawl across the treadmill's surface, thus, allowing a user to go prone in VR. If we introduce two sets of rails, say the second one lower toward the side of the treadmill, padded as well, then the user has no reason to worry about crawling right off the treadmill and startling themselves or hurting themselves. Those secondary rails would also offer a safety mechanism to keep the player from smashing their head into the rails above them if they crawl to the edge and get up.

    ^ These are my thoughts on how to make an omni-treadmill more friendly to free motion such as going prone.

    Now lets say we bring up the uneven nature of terrain… this one's a little more tricky to address… but I think I have an idea on how I'd set that up. So, why not just set the treadmill up with a type of ramp that can pivot and tilt using hydraulics at each corner? Obviously this would get kind of unrealistic if your terrain takes a friggin' 70 or 80 degree tilt upwards- but it would probably trick the brain on most terrain scenarios and make the experience even more immersive… if not dangerous- but hey, that's what the rails from earlier are for right?

    Combining this with the ability to go prone from earlier, and your freedom of movement as well as the immersion factor could make virtual reality that much more realistic, and open up TONS more game titles for it in the future. Over time, as the technology improves, using the platform listed above, wireless technology could be implemented into the harness (at that point I guess it'd just be a belt wouldn't it?) and limbs (like elbow pads and knee pads, gloves and maybe some kind of tracking canvas band around the metatarsal area of the foot or the ankle) to literally allow players to start doing things like lunging forward and rolling, say from cover to cover in-game. All the above listed additions to equipment combined would pretty much render your entire character model in perfect sync to reality itself too, and the foot or ankle pieces would give the VR a foundation to plant your feet on firmly in-game. It'd be really neat to see that kind of tech and freedom evolve from this tech and freedom. 😀

  3. VR Treadmills are the ultimate solution for fat People. Im Serious. You'd run to finally get that terrorist or run away from some monster as fast as possible. Or jump and runs

    Well without jumps but still it'll be fun while exercising

  4. I think they should all be mass produced and people could play with what ever system they want… All that is left is the games!! We need games.. That everyone with an internet connection can access

    IT'S WAY CHEAPER! AND ANYONE CAN CLIP THEM TO THEIR FEET, think of it like when you are wear ice skate, and your try to run with them on front a stand still point
    , you dont move do you?

  6. You will never be able to run the same like the character in some games. This makes the game less enjoyable.

    It makes just fun if you play some slow ego shooter

  7. The first one feels kind of painful 😀 And everyone walks like they shat themselves… HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN AT THE GYM? Have you never ran on a treadmill? For the love of the God Emperor!!

  8. These + user friendly capability + wifi connectivity = a whole new world! Certain people would never leave, it would be like the South Park episode.

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