Is Bitcoin Fund Manager Legit?

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  1. Here is the advise on how to approach bitcoin fund manager… Don't send him BTC or money, dont join his service, watch his videos but take it as a grain of salt..

  2. Sunny ran with that $TRX FUD the other day… and even had Trevon J jogging behind him. ? Thanks bro's I racked up on some more really cheap $TRX yesterday. I have to say today was a good day.

    Oh and the dude you tryna shyt on right now has better TA and knowledge of trading crypto than you. I love your FUD tho. What you bashing next so I can buy it…. Let us KNOW ASAP.

  3. Dude is a good salesman – not a scammer. He sells legit services and markets them well and everyone exaggerates their good side to sell. His calls are great and one should make money.

  4. His service requires a deposit up front from what I have read and only requires your API key access. However I too have browsed forums and seen reports and claims of this individual scamming.

    This could be the case, or it could have been the case in the past and he has now changed.

    I would love for this service to be legit, as it would be a great one.

    But I can't find one solid testimonial with solid evidence.

    I guess we will never know.

  5. He watches a 1 min chart and takes credit anytime it jumps, then people praise his TA lol. Do none of you remember when he called 6k a bottom then deleted his vids when it tanked. Suckas

  6. In fairness – he doesn't request your account log in details. He does the trading via API's which you create and the options in your API creation includes restricting withdrawals – leaving him only access to trade. It's quite a smart way to safely manage someone's portfolio without having access… I wouldn't do it though, he could still lose everything 🙂

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