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  1. Seriously? Tom Cruise is almost 60. I haven't seen these movies and I want to see them but are two more even needed and does nobody realise how old Tom Cruise is?

  2. Cool I really like the MI movies now I think this is a 2 part movie the first deals with them stoping something on earth then they find out that the mission was a decoy and they have to finish it on the secret moon base since the 1960’s but it has been updated in secret and Eithen might need to look for a second team that he hand picks or tries to find someone to train himself Incase he has to take sometime off to heal or stay out of site

  3. How the hell are they going to top Fallout? I just feel like that was the perfect way to end the franchise, but… I guess there's more money to be made so why stop? Lol

  4. This is going to be like Infinity War.
    Tom Cruise will lose the fight in the first film and we have to wait for a year to watch the second one

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