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  1. The first thing I thought when I saw this game was that this looks like a supergiant game. How identifiable there beautiful game astetic is.

  2. Uh yes you can. People keep forgetting the amazing Share Play function on the PS4. So many indie local co-op games are perfectly playable online by doing this.

  3. sadly completely forgot by everybody when it comes to game of the year awards… and sales i guess.. really sad, this is a phenomenally creative game

  4. I'm sure this game is amazing but I'm just not feeling the art style. It's simply not for me. Anyone else share the same sentiment?

  5. Does anybody know how to exit the game via the menu on PS4? There is no exit to game menu or anything. Do you have do it manually and exit back to the PS4 dashboard?

  6. For me, it deserves a solid 9.5, but that's because at least 60% of the game is basically a VN, and I really like visual novels. The art and soundtrack is where the game really shines, and the gameplay, even though it's not THAT deep, is certainly fun and engaging more often than not (specially after you get access to Pyre's version of limiters).

    Still, while it might not be for everyone, it's a very good looking visual novel/sport game with some neat rpg elements, and if you really like the characters (which is pretty hard to avoid), you'll probably end up playing at least 10 hours nonstop like I did.

  7. others may have forgotten, long ago wandering these lands, going about the trials, but i refused, i never forgot, i continue my journey, facing those that come to me to answer my questions

    my question of why didn't you booyah alpharad?

  8. This is one of those games I'd rather play on a handheld. Hopefully it comes to the switch, I would but it in a second on there.

  9. a world between dr. seuss and lovecraft… oh boy.. what a weird comparison for a world thag takes inspiration from neither both judging by its written story and its visual presentation

  10. '…along side exciting real time tactical battles, is an experience on par with hearing a world class musician perform a difficult piece with equal parts talent and soul.'
    Jesus christ IGN could you have written anything more pretentious?

    You're reviewing a video game. We all love video games for being a unique medium. You don't have to try to elevate them with such flowery descriptions.

  11. No offense, but this review has superfluous commentary for no reason. I understand someone can get passionate about the game, but I'd prefer what's only what's necessary to be addressed.

  12. Tbh I wasn't expecting much from Pyre since the slightly meh announcement but now I'm definitely going to check it out. I really hope it lives up to it high praise lavished in this review.

  13. Not quite feeling this one as much as Bastion or Transistor because I don't feel like it's an intimate experience with a character, but the polish is still there and praiseworthy.

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