Russia to Spark the Next Bitcoin Bull Run?!? $1 Trillion Bitcoin Market Cap NOT Impossible!!!

Could Russia spark the next #Bitcoin bull run?!? Why a $1 trillion $BTC market cap is NOT impossible. Ethereum Classic 51% attack, Samourai Wallet removes privacy features, Brave Browser hits 5.5M daily users, crypto news, and more!

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0:27 Markets ?
2:48 Ethereum Classic (ETC) 51% attack:
5:06 What is a 51% attack?!?
5:21 Charlie Lee:
6:13 PoW 51% Attack Cost:
7:00 Bitcoin transaction fees super low:
8:02 BTC hash rate up!
8:21 Bitcoin $7 trillion cap?!?
9:47 Trace Mayer:
11:08 Russia to start next bullpen?!?
11:34 Putin likes NEO?
16:06 NEO announcement:
18:20 Brave Browser (BAT) hits 5.5M MAU:
19:11 Tron (TRX) accomplishments:
20:37 Brazil says no to crypto contract:
21:19 People still look at BTC in dollars:
23:10 Samourai Wallet removes privacy features:
24:40 BTC a lot… or zero?
26:14 Bitcoin is unstoppable!

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Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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  1. Well were talking about getting enough mining machines to generate 45,190 PH/s, then after that running them will cost about $300,000 per hour. So a $60,000,000 machine investment (approximated) + $300,000 per hour. So were talking $7.2 million a day. On top of that you'll probably have a potential arms race of competitor whales that might also have the same idea. And lets face it $60,000,000 worth of computers takes time to manufacture.

  2. Great info!  Want a full functioning hidden crypto gem today?  Checkout the new community tokenized exchange  The UI is fabulous like Binance's, but has an advanced trailing stop loss feature.  You receive a much greater 70% discount on trades when fees are paid in CPEX, the utility token.  The exchange is bot free to increase profit margins on trades. They have giveaways, referral bonuses, and weekly trading contests on new crypto listings.  See their rewards page.  Incredibly, you can buy CPEX today for less than a penny with a low max supply of 100 million.  They just started adding coin listings. They are growing with over 35k Telegram members.  They are soon to be listed on CMC as volume grows, and when discovered the price of cpex will soar.

  3. After hearing about the Russians, like I presume a lot of people, my initial reaction was unbridled excitement,. You gotta figure the market will go up with that much money coming in. But then I remembered a section from I book I am reading called CRYPTOTRADING PRO ( if you want to see the book) talking about how "whales" can manipulate the market (e.g. using "sell walls"). I am not overly cynical in life, but the Russians are not exactly trustworthy, now are they? I would say if they do come in in this big way, be prepared for them to manipulate the market. The good part is if you see what is going on you can use it to your advantage – it pays to be prepared!

    Keep up the good work Crypto Zombies!

    Bill Saur

  4. Why not add code to the blockchain that limits any single pool to no greater than 49%. Once a pool gets to the 49% ceiling the pool would not be allowed to add any additional hash power. That would eliminate any 51% attack.

  5. Hey I'm not sure if you will see this comment but I just seen a video on facebook about the United states government asking the representative of google about how the services work and location tracking ext, and they clearly had no idea what they are talking about or how ads work. I fear the people reviewing the BTC etf will be in the same boat so to speak. What do you think about the government knowing how crypto currencies work and some parts of people in the goverment not know how basic services like google work?

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