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  1. So Here is my Problem i have buyed Skyrim on the ps3 Back in the days i buyed all dlc to. then there was the Special Edition with Mod Support on the ps4 that was okay with me because i dont Had the Money to make a gaming pc to get the full potencial Out of Skyrim so i buyed the Special Edition and dont get disappointed. currently Skyrim VR is at 25 bucks at the ps Store and i have move Controllers and i am struggling to buy because it is a old Game that i have buyed many Times for the full price and i dont know If its worth another Chance to buy so what should i do is it worth buying the Game a third time or is that Just wasted Money i dont have a clue

  2. Like, who cares about graphics quality in VR? You’re supposed to just accept it, and be happy about the fact that you’re in your favourite game, with graphics just being a bonus.

  3. Tbh this review is perfect everyone overhyped it and I love IGN when the game is overhyped usually I don’t watch these reviews.

    I’ve played the game way too much so I needed to watch this as there’s barely any reviews from veterans so the hype just doesn’t translate for me after playing it with hundreds of mods on pc and even Xbox One.

  4. Can fix 90% of the compaints here with one recommendation: don't use the move controllers, playing with the normal remote is just as immersive and flows better with the pace of Skyrim's combat.

  5. Easily one of the best games I’ve ever played! Combat isn’t the best, but seeing this game through vr makes it hard to put down. Getting such a realistic feel easily makes up for the poor combat. Hands down the best psvr game! I’d give it a 9/10

  6. I'm looking forward to getting PSVR but it'll have to v2 on the PS5. There's just not enough poke in the PS4…I know I'll be grabbing a barf bag if it try the current offering.

  7. I wish I watched this before. The motion controls are so maddening. I think you're being too kind on the virtual reboot but because it is Skyrim I would be biased to. Personally I want to know who designed the wand cobtrollers/why? ….I would have loved to design them for you for free.

  8. I disliked Skyrim when I first played it the regular way.

    VR Skyrim on the other hand, is an absolute Joy (mostly) and made me really fall in love with the world

  9. IGN should really hire people to do reviews that actually aren't complete fuckin' morons. New Zelda or Mario game? 10/10. Anything else gets a 7 or less. Keep lining them pockets, boys.

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