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  1. One day when Disney is done remaking every single 2D animated movie into crappy live action flicks, maybe they’ll start to do 2D animation remakes from every Disney live action movie ever made.

  2. I'm curious what they will do with the song "Hellfire" ? so much potential! just make it scary! I wanna be scared. I wanna go to bed scared. >:) Do it!! make me scared.

  3. When it said josh gad was involved I hoped he would be one of the gargoyles but then they say he could be quasimodo. I don't feel he's the right fit tbh..

  4. Without marvel and star wars disney is nothing but remakes and sequels. I wish we can go back in time and have sony or 20th fox own marvel and SW. We would have had the marvel weve always wanted.

  5. Yeah, sure. Because you're totally able to replace Tony Jay's incredible vocal performance and you can totally recreate the sheer power of the Hellfire sequence that was only obtained because it was animated.

    Screw you, Disney! 🙂

  6. Who are they making these remake live action's for kids want to see cartoons adults run the same things that's not Disney related so what they making them for

  7. This I actually will accept. The only movie I think that should have a Live Action adaptation unlike Beauty and the Beast Aladdin, and The Lion King. If they do this and have the gargoyles in there please have them be imaginary or just take them out. It actually would be more like the musical which would be awesome.

  8. Hey everybody guess what Disney is doing for the future…remaking all their animated movies in live action. REVOLUTIONARY RIGHT?!(please note the sarcasm in this comment).

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