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  1. Well if they win smh Fortnite shouldn’t have marketed the dance the way they did. “Orange justice” and the description. That’s the only way I see EPIC losing. Btw I thought the mom was suing bc of her son being bullied

  2. It was probably in the T&C that they could use any dance entered without giving recognition. He said when it got released he didn't care, he was just happy it was in the game sooooooooo

  3. That dance isn’t the orange shirt kids.. literally 1000s of kids submitted that dance. The orange shirt kid just looked dumb doing it so they rewarded him.

  4. There is justification behind the other dances, but not over this one since the kid wanted it to be a part of it.
    More than suing for that, they should ask to put credit where it's due.

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