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  1. I'm gonna wait on these companies to figure out the bezelless display . Until then I'd probably stick with some budget phone that has thicc bezels and no 'NOTCH'

  2. I honestly just want companies to release their secret weapons like under the screen finger print reader and under the screen cameras and sensors. I like Samsung’s way of doing it but they still have a chin and a top bezel and apple is either goona make the worst looking phone of all time this year or is goona blow us out of the water I hope it’s the ladder

  3. Transparent OLED, which is new and still in development, can be the solution to this hole-punch problem. Just not lit the pixels at the camera(s) area when it is in use

  4. Just get rid of the front facing camera all together and add a low res small screen to the back for selfie takers the back of most phones is already glass these days anyways. Or maybe just sell non front camera version of the phones for those of us that never use them I'd rather have the screen real estate.

  5. I don't think it'll look good in the middle . when you're watching a video or playing games there's rarely anything in the corner but it'll stick out and look bad if it's in the middle.

  6. I still think dew drop notch is the best implementation for the front camera, but this holepunch is not bad, so much better that the pixel fukin ugly notch

  7. i wish samsung build phone with display on the back and remove front camera. just like that one phone, but with good camera and display.

  8. I think I prefer the slider phones. The non-motorised ones. With all their potential issues. Properly implemented, they could be a better option to the full-screen display.

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