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  1. 0:38 Cmon man on that's what a remaster is. It's just the same game with with a coat of HD paint. They didn't rebuild the game from the ground up or anything. People still don't know what to expect from a remaster and a remake.

  2. "Pre-rendered backgrounds and character models look primitive and muddy"
    1 min later
    "There's something quaint about its aged pre-rendered backgrounds and stiffy character models, i definitely had fun"……

  3. They really need to teach these reviewers how to review older games and stop expecting 20 year old games to be compatible to recent games. Just talked about graphics and cut scenes. How about gameplay specifics?

  4. I think this review is a bit unfair, the simple tweak of taking away the tank controls makes the game much more enjoyable than it used to be. Which is somthing you didn't even mention whatsoever. Its not a visual stunner but it wasn't marketed as such, it's not "Onimusha HD/remaster/definitive" etc… It's just Onimusha Warlords and it's priced accordingly. I'm all for fairness in reviewer opinion and maybe it deserves the score it got but the reasons you gave were unjustified in my opinion.

  5. IGN is no longer a reliable review source.

    I haven't even played this game yet but I can tell that the people reviewing it go back on their words all the time and can't find a medium.

  6. This Playstation 2 game looks like a Playstation 2 game? OUTRAGE. What was this dude expecting for a $20 hd port? Come on.

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