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  1. I honestly thought ES6 was gonna be set in Elsweyr. How unreal would it be if they did the entire map of Tamriel for like Elder Scrolls 7, it would be single player only and a way better map than ESO

  2. I have a feeling the other part of the year of the dragon will introduce the rest of Skyrim into ESO. Not sure why it wasn't already in the game to give players a familiar place to play, but I hope they have a dlc for it soon.

  3. If you are working in a new Justice system there better be skoomer trade released with elsweyr! And slavery!!! Also make it illegal to duel in towns and cities!!!

  4. I spent $100 on the imperial edition of this game when the imperial edition first came out and I played it one time I got it and after that I stopped it’s not a fun game when you play solo and that’s why I stopped I liked it I enjoyed it but I didn’t have much to do but this looks amazing it makes me want to play it and wish I had people to play with?I didn’t really know what I could do without other players wish I had people to play with on the Xbox one but I don’t know anyone that plays it if I did have people to play with I would play all the time

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