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  1. TBH I'm disappointed that they still have yet to bring back character creation from Armageddon. The game itself is pretty disappointing as well. Little has evolved or changed besides one or two new features, as well as "improvements" to the character customization that they had in Injustice 2… More like improvements to microtransactions.

  2. So pretty much they just did what they did in Injustice 2 but now they're moving into Mortal Kombat…. I'm not complaining I just wanted to point it out

  3. Not sure i'm liking this, i prefer having a set character that was designed and crafted carefully instead of playing a jig saw puzzle where i have to make my own. This could also lead to a lot of broken OP builds people will discover and once those get around, everyone and their mother will be using the current most broken build for a character, cheesing each fight like crazy.

  4. NetherRealm once again puts Tekken and other fighting games to shame. Like what the hell are other fighting games doing? NetherRealm always sets a new standard with theyre MK games. Amazing visuals, amazing animations and always something new. Love it!

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