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  1. Injustice looks like MK9.
    MKX looks like Injustice.
    Injustice 2 looks like MKX.
    MK11 looks like Injustice 2.

    Calm down folks, they're all developed by NetherRealm. 😉

  2. If they were going to do a Pro Gameplay demonstration maybe they should have let Scar and Grr play the game a couple weeks early to learn their characters a bit more before making them do this. You can tell the two are having to just stick to a limited moveset because they haven't had the time to master their characters. Makes two amazing players look sub-par.

  3. I don't understand what the purpose of removing the x Ray feature was. I was expecting the supers to be like injustice but they are just the same as x rays without the actual x ray. Same with the zoom in during the actual fight. They just zoom in instead of showing the bones shattering and what not. I'm kinda disappointed with that…

  4. Question: is this guy a new character in MK11? Or a comeback character?

    If its the latter, huh. Hes not Human considering the color of his blood. Not to mention a sand user…sweet owo

  5. Super disappointed! This is not Mortal Kombat! This is Injustice 3! -_- NRS, that's one way to make sure I don't buy this game. MKvsDC universe was better than this garbage :/

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