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  1. If you wanted a story about a world mourning its fallen hero, that was "World Without A Superman", not "Reign of the Supermen", and as far as I know, the former story from the comics has not yet been put on any form of film. As for this movie giving short shrift to Steel and the Eradicator, that's a shame – perhaps the movie should have been longer than a mere 90 minutes, or broken up into two or more parts. As the review alluded to, one of the best aspects of the "Reign" story was how each of the four contenders had a seemingly legitimate claim to the title – spiritually (Steel), genetically (the other three), being recognized by the Fortress (Eradicator), and three of them had one of his classic nicknames, Man of Steel, Last Son of Krypton, and Man of Tomorrow.

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