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  1. Uhm. I read the title and only clicked this video to say…. What the actual fudge is there to explain? If you have eyes. There's not much explanation needed.

  2. Because he will be a big character in the rebirth of DB, don't be surprised if we get a Broly spin off with his amigo an love intrest.

    Cameos from Goku, Vegeta and the golden child himself Frieza.

    If they don't then they have missed out big time.

  3. Dragon Ball Super Broly Full M.o.v.i.e
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    Goku e Vegeta incontrano Broly, un guerrilla Sayan diverso da combattere combattente che hanno affrontato prima.

    La terra è pacifica dopo il torneo di potere. Per rendersi conto che gli universi hanno ancora molte persone potenti ancora da vedere, Goku usa l'allenamento di tutti i suoi giorni per raggiungere livelli ancora più alti. Così un giorno Goku e Vegeta affrontano un Sayan chiamato "Broly" come non avevano mai visto prima. I Sayan avrebbero dovuto essere quasi completamente annientati nella distruzione del pianeta Vegeta, quindi cosa fa sulla terra? Questo incontro dei tre Sayan, che hanno seguito destini completamente diversi, diventa un colpo sbalorditivo, anche se Frieza (di ritorno dall'inferno) viene catturato nel mix.

  4. I'm pretty sure he's not wearing's Bah's ear around his waist. What happened is he likely made a pelt out of the fur since wrapping cartilage around you're waist from a giant beast seems a bit difficult.

  5. Celebrate die-hard fans. The 'Call me Kakarot' line was a game changer. This movie was pure fan-service, amazing animation, perfect dub, and finally, a legit canon in-depth logical story of Broly.

  6. My favorite part is when vegeta transforms saying, This is getting annoying. Then he layith the smackith down on broly. The other was the hilarious scene of child vegeta and child radditz

  7. Ending is pretty straightforward. Of course Goku-san wants to get stronger and help Broly control that berserk hulking form. I'm fine not seeing ultra instinct here. Still an awesome watch without it.

    And Freeza wants to find a fusion partner against Gogeta.

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