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  1. broly better kill them all like thanos and have to make a sequel to beat him and bring everyone back. hes broly he better not go out in one movie.

  2. I've actually watched the movie a month ago back at Japan but hell, the english dub nailed it. The shouting goku made while he was struggling on transforming into blue, That Vic Micogna's signature broly roar etc. Just Wow.

  3. I see praise everywhere but also people saying the action is great, even calling it best in the franchise, but the story is not and therefore the movie is underwhelming. Well let me tell you guys this, Broly is my favourite villain in all of DB and DBZ The Legendary SSJ is my favourite movie out of all of them, that one's story was close to non existing, so I think I will love this one for sure!!

  4. I actually hate these types of videos like it could say how to grow your hair fast in less than 15 minutes and the vid can be 20 minutes long??‍♂️

  5. Goku and Vegeta are dope. Broly is super intense too. Movie showed lots of forshadow of the future development of Dragonball Super and characters roles.

  6. this movie was garbage just like the whole "super" series…all the main characters are nothing but watered down comedic versions of themselves, too much screaming and chaotic action scenes that looks like a nightmare …dragon ball super is more like a gintama parody of dbz

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