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  1. It be weird but they should do a soul Calibur vs power rangers game. Or least get those developers to make a power rangers fighting game. Those mechanics feel like they'd work better for power ranger type of fights.

  2. At least there is finally a Power Rangers game that is not on Wii or Mobile. I loved the Power Rangers Samurai game on Wii though. I hope the Samurai Rangers are in this. There should a third person action adventure Power Rangers game.

  3. This game better include Boom Studios partnership/agreement of sorts and have Lord Drakkon (even if he gets his 3 or 4 forms maybe as skins/alter outfits) and Ranger Slayer or I'm going to be way disappointed!

  4. Looks like another street fighter clone. The reason mortal kombat is still around, beside its gore, is it unique genre identity

  5. What about the Zords?

    I thought this fighting game would be similar to Power Rangers The Fighting Edition with only the Zords and the villains in it.

  6. YEEEES!!! POWER RANGERS ON THE SWITCH! 😀 Hopefully this will be a lot more amazing than Nari Kid Park's Lupinranger VS Patranger game on Switch (I haven't played that but I saw gameplay of that and wasn't impressed) and hopefully it will be better than Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle (I haven't played that but I seen reviews including Angry Joe's).

    0:37 – Sony not alloying cross-play… yet again. ._.

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