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  1. You're very fearful of negative comments whenever you give positive feedback on Apple. Your pinned comment says it all. As a result you're preparing to roast Apple in the next video. Loser. Whenever you see innovation, regardless of the size of a company, you need to appreciate it than be a dick.

  2. Feeling fishy…. Do you really meant that in positive way?
    I really don't think that's the case

    I think trolling on such situations can make your ass on ?

  3. That moment when you're being sarcastic but everyone thinks that you meant what you said, and when you really meant what you said but everyone thinks you're being sarcastic. LOL

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    New Apple watch only two days old, found major blockage and two stents later he is good as new as apple watch. And All this happened this week.
    Is it?

  5. His videos one after the other sort of contradicts his POVs . For instance, “downfall of apple “ to switch to Android.
    The watch is cool but not iPhones

  6. Hey what about Samsung health which measures your heart rate and oxygen in your blood since the s6(?), s7, s8, s9 series phones? Im just asking if you were aware that samsung health does do virtually the same thing for years and maybe more from what I see

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