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  1. I hope there's voip in occupied DarkZone… looks definitely like fun with friendly fire and no turrets. I bet everyone is going into this one

  2. I've only played only on it's free weekends. I actually want to buy this one. Need a FPS open world RPG to get into. Until Borderlands 3 or Destiny 3 maybe or Halo Infinite. I think Halo Infinite will be a FPS open world RPG. Looks that way.

  3. If I have to be completely honest, I am solely not interested in this game because there will be a The Division 3 in around 2years and I find that a EA Scheme I will be not part of.

  4. Survival game set in Alaska during their however many days of endless darkness and DLC or sequel set in the daylight for however many days of endless sunlight they have.

  5. This finna just be a reskin of the first game, nothing I saw here looks fun i might aswell just reinstall the first one and id have the same level of interest. This ip is dead, let it rot.

  6. Not sure I like the aesthetic of this game, but I'll probably give it a shot, provided the initial reviews aren't terrible (don't pre-order games!). Hopefully the city feels as lived in as New York did. I think they did an amazing job with the look and feel of New York. I loved just wandering around, tactically removing enemies and "protecting the city". Would be awesome if they created a PvE 'Dark Zone' with higher end boss enemies etc., where you could just partner up with strangers to take them out, collect higher end gear and extract. Once you call an extraction, you could defend the area against PvE enemies. I just get tired of the trolling and unbalanced PvP.

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