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  1. I see a lot of Ace Combat Veteran Players complaining about the review. Can you tell what approach to take on this game ? Story wise, gameplay? It’s my first AC game and I wanna hear it from someone who has played this series for a while.

  2. I give this review a 2/10 for completely ignoring what is absolutely the most amazing feature of Ace Combat 7… VR. Come on guys.. not even so much as a mention?! The VR in this game looks insane.

  3. everyone is whining, but the story is really not that great. Not sure if it is just the english vo but the commentary is really cringey.

  4. You played this masterpiece on the novice control scheme and complain about the gameplay?

    Please… This game is for the fans only. Go back to your battlefields call of duties..

  5. No mention of half the game's features, complaining about a game having a story, and whining about challenge when you could just play on Easy if you're that incapable. Exactly how much paste do your reviewers eat, IGN? Complaining about not having a tutorial? How hard is it to point the plane in the right direction and fire a missile, especially when you're using the Novice controls? The first mission is a wide open sky with basically zero obstacles and easy slow moving enemies to practice on. What do you feel was poorly explained, exactly? And games have stories, that's a HUGE reason why a lot of people play games. We're not all Fortnite droolies who play so people will think we're cool, some of us actually have an interest in the narrative. I give your review a 7. But much like your IQ that's out of 100.

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